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As functional units containing numerous employees and visitors, such commercial buildings are subject to the requirements of Health and Safety regulations and legislation, therefore it is critical that the appropriate line markings and graphics are present.

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Many Thanks for completing the works at our flats, they look great and have already had a positive affect on the residents parking. From our first meeting to completion you have been a pleasure to work with. The crew on-site even helped assist moving vehicles on behalf of some of the residents. Being part of a residents association, funds were extremely tight so even after getting a number of quotes City Road Markings were the most competitive. Many thanks again.

Wharfe, Residential Committee Chairman

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Warehouse Line Marking Company

For many years, at City Road Markings, we have been offering professional warehouse marking services for businesses throughout the local areas. From our location in Edlesborough, Bedfordshire, we work with companies across the whole of the UK including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire.

Warehouse Floor Markings

Warehouse floor markings are imperative for every premises to ensure safety of all employees and visitors. Warehouse markings identify safe walkway routes, hazards and workplace dangers thus reducing the number of potential issues that can arise.

Whatever the size of your premises, we have the knowledge and experience to cater to your needs. We can advise on the best products and best value for money with whole life time cost explained.

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Following your initial enquiry, we will arrange a site survey to discuss the specific requirements of your business. We are also able to work in the evenings and at weekends in order to ensure that we don't disrupt your operation. To get your warehouse marking project up and running, contact City Road Markings today.

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Types of warehouse markings

In a modern warehouse, safety and efficiency of movement is vital. It’s for this reason, that important information needs to be easy and quick to interpret, and placed in a prominent area of the warehouse.

One of the best ways of communicating information effectively is by using strategically designed warehouse markings, something that the better run warehouses are doing in more innovative ways than ever before.

The types of warehouse markings fall into two main categories, including:

  • The type of line application
  • The type of layout and graphics

Warehouse marking - line applications

Other than communicating an important message, warehouse markings need to be durable and able to withstand the daily activities within a warehouse setting. To achieve these goals, at City Road Markings, we use various different line marking applications suited to the specifics of your individual warehouse.

Our warehouse marking applications include:

MMA – MMA or Methyl methacrylate is often used in warehouses and factories, due to various properties, such as scratch-resistance and vibrancy, but mainly for its hardwearing properties, especially in warehouses with high levels of traffic, and where forklifts or other motorised vehicles are regularly operated.

Thermoplastic – Thermoplastic is one of the most popular and cost-effective warehouse marking solutions. Some of the key reasons for its popularity are that it’s easy to install, quick-drying, and designs can be pre-formed, then heat applied when and where needed.

Epoxy resin – Epoxy resin is another popular warehouse marking application, partly due to its hardwearing qualities, but also because its available in a wide range of colours, it has anti-slip properties, and it’s easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Warehouse marking - layout and graphics

At City Road Markings, our varied experience in line marking has shown us how highly-effective floor marking is as a communication device within a warehouse. A well designed warehouse marking layout can help with the efficient running of the warehouse, and provide an opportunity for branding, but the most important area of communication, is safety.

To help you achieve a high level of safety in your warehouse, and to comply with health and safety regulations, at City Road Markings, we’ll usually (but not exclusively) install your warehouse line markings using the colours listed in the short guide below:

• Yellow – Yellow lines are used for pedestrian walkways or traffic lanes for forklifts or other motorised vehicles. Yellow lines can also be used to create hatched areas or forklift parking areas.

• White – Whites lines are used to section off storage areas, such as pallet-stacking areas, shelving or storage bays. If necessary, numbers can also be installed alongside the white lines, to help personnel locate specific storage points.

• Blue, green and black – Blue, green and black lines will typically be used to show where raw materials or finished items are stored, and to show where works are in progress.

• Black and Yellow – Black and yellow diagonal lines painted alongside each other, are one of the best and most recognised ways to highlight a hazardous area, such as where chemicals are stored, around electrical stations or where moving machinery is operated.

Symbols and other graphics

As well as straightforward lines, at City Road Markings, we also design and install various symbols and graphics, to further enhance the layout of your warehouse. Graphics and symbols can include arrows, human figures, forklift symbols, logos, numbers or letters, and many other designs to help improve the safety and efficiency of your warehouse.

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