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Road surface marking is any kind of device or material that is used on a road surface in order to convey official information

Road Markings

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City Road Markings provides a unique road marking service which has been developed through years of experience within the Road Marking industry. We offer a wide range of Road Marking services tailored to meet your requirements. We undertake Road Markings work for both the private and commercial sector.

Our experienced team can tailor solutions from the initial enquiry stage right through to completion of works.

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The Service Manager at Ipswich was really pleased with the results thank you. I think that’s all the work we require for now, but as soon I need anything more I definitely be in touch. I would also like to thank you for your prompt and professional service, you did a great job for us.

Emily, Mercedes Benz Ipswich

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Some of The Products We Use:


Hot applied and best suited to tarmac surfaces, it can be used on concrete but should have a tack coat base applied first to offer greater adhesion. The wear rate is good but can be prone to chipping in colder weather and the depth of the line can become too thick due to too much remarking. This can be avoided by removing the existing line and beginning again with fresh application to keep the depth to a minimum. The winter can affect thermo lines on concrete. In winter months, when frost sets in, it can blow the line from beneath as the damp expands due to freezing.

This is the most cost efficient product with the best all round performance. It should not be used on block sets however as with any line it will fail in the joints and may fail in other areas when this happens. If a surface has joints or pot holes there is no product which will stay in place, The curing time is 1.5 minutes for thermo, but any tack coat pre applied takes up to 15 minutes to cure prior to line application.

One Pack Epoxy

This product is very similar to the chlorinated rubber but is a harder wearing product. It costs approximately 13% more and it will not last as long as the thermo- plastic. It will not chip, but again, it will be lost in cracks and joints.


This is a great product, it is essentially a cold epoxy similar to thermo, but shares similar qualities as the paint. In more detail, this has been achieved by embedding glass beads in to a fast curing two component Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) cold plastic line marking paint. It has been said by the manufactures of the product that there is a several year guarantee with this product. Some have mentioned in excess of 6 years, which unlike the other products which are warranted for a year with certain disclaimers

Road Marking Company

For more than a decade, at City Road Markings, we have been providing high-quality roading marking service throughout the local areas including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire as well as further afield.

From our location in Edlesborough, we have quick access to all of the local areas to meet all of your specific needs. Over the years, we have been providing tailored road markings for a number of private and commercial sectors including highways, councils, airports, supermarkets and much more.

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What are road markings?

Road markings are markings on the road surface, designed to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe and within the law, and to improve the efficiency and flow of the road network. Road markings are usually applied using line applications, such as epoxy resin, MMA or thermoplastic, all of which boast various properties including:

  • Durability – Durability is vital when it comes to road markings, especially on roads with high levels of traffic. Lines on roads need to remain visible and vibrant for as long as possible, to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, and to keep road maintenance budgets under control, by preventing the need for constant reapplications.
  • Reflectivity – Applications such as thermoplastic, are manufactured with the addition of reflective glass beads. When lit by headlights, natural lighting or other lights, lines installed using these applications are illuminated, making them much easier to distinguish in poor light.
  • Anti-skid – Line marking applications with anti-skid properties means that the applications contains a high-friction aggregate. This aggregate (grit), is used due to its high abrasion qualities, and its polish resistance, which means that regular use won’t smooth it out as quickly as normal asphalt.

Types of road markings

Each road marking is designed for a specific use. At City Road Markings, we design and install all types of road markings to all types of road surfaces, both in the private and public sector. Some of the road markings we install include:

  • Hazard markings – These could include chevrons, cross-hatch markings, stop lines, zigzag lines or various graphics that warn of a potential hazard. At City Road Markings, we’ll ensure any road marking intended to warn of a hazard will be designed to legal specifications and installed using a hardwearing and vibrant road marking application.
  • Directional markings – Directional markings include arrows, or graphics that guide drivers to an amenity, such as a carpark, airport, or a tourist destination. All directional markings installed by City Road Markings will be designed to be instantly recognisable and easy to follow, and within legal specifications.
  • Parking bays – Modern parking bays often need to convey a lot more information than they once did. Information could be relating to residents parking schemes, parking for disabled drivers, parents with young children or electric car charging points etc. At City Road Markings we install all types of parking bays, with the required graphics if necessary.
  • Facility markings – Facility markings, such as bus stop and bus lane markings, taxi lanes and taxi rank markings, and emergency vehicle lanes etc. need to be clear and distinctive to warn drivers in good time. At City Road Markings, all facility markings we install will be to legal specifications, and usually applied using a reflective road marking application to ensure greater visibility, even in poor light.

Benefits of Clear Road Markings

Clear road markings are essential for safety, traffic flow, and regulatory compliance. At City Road Markings, we understand the significance of these factors and are dedicated to providing road marking solutions that contribute to these essential benefits.

Enhanced Safety

Clear road markings guide road users, and help drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists stay safe by showing lanes and crossings clearly. Making roads safer for everyone and reducing accidents.

Improved Traffic Flow

Well-defined lane and road markings support traffic flow, especially in busy areas or interchanges. Showing clear markings helps to minimise congestion and improve efficiency.


We always follow UK road marking standards. This means our clients can trust that their road markings meet all legal regulations.

Through our expert road markings service, City Road Markings contributes to these crucial benefits, providing clients with reliable solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and adhere to legal compliance.

Types of Road Markings

Different types of road markings serve specific purposes in managing roads effectively. At City Road Markings, we offer various markings tailored to meet your different needs:

Lane Markings

Lane markings indicate the boundaries of each lane, helping drivers stay in their lanes and navigate safely. Clear lane markings are essential for preventing accidents and maintaining smooth traffic flow, especially on dual carriageways and motorways.

Pedestrian Crossings

Pedestrian crossings are marked areas where pedestrians can safely cross the road. These markings help pedestrians stay safe by alerting drivers to areas where they may be crossing, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting pedestrian-friendly road environments.

Stop Lines

Stop lines are markings painted on the road to indicate where vehicles must come to a complete stop, typically at junctions or pedestrian crossings. Clear stop lines are crucial for ensuring compliance with traffic signals and controlling the flow of traffic, thereby preventing collisions and ensuring orderly movement at intersections.

Directional Arrows

Directional arrows indicate the direction of travel for vehicles, guiding drivers through intersections, roundabouts, and other traffic junctions. These markings help prevent confusion and ensure that drivers navigate intersections safely and efficiently.

Each type of road markings are essential in managing roads effectively and ensuring the safety of road users. By offering comprehensive road marking solutions, City Road Markings helps create clear and organised road environments that promote safety, efficiency, and compliance with traffic regulations.

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