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The Complete Line Markings Package across Buckinghamshire

Line markings, Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking for a professional line marking company working throughout Buckinghamshire, look no further than City Road Markings, one of the UK's leading specialists in the design and installation of all types of line markings, for customers in the public and private sectors.

Whether you need high-quality road line markings, warehouse line markings, car park line markings or playground line markings, we have the experienced and fully qualified line marking teams, to get the job done, wherever you need it in Buckinghamshire and further afield.

Line Markings Buckinghamshire
Line Markings Buckinghamshire 2

Hardwearing line marking applications

To ensure your line markings remain vibrant and clear for a long time after installation, no matter what the traffic levels, at City Road Markings near Buckinghamshire, we use some of the industry’s hardest wearing line marking applications, including:

  • Thermoplastic: This line marking application is one of the most commonly used for line marking, due to its ability to be preformed, its reflective quality, and its quick-drying properties.

  • MMA:

    MMA or Methyl Methacrylate is an extremely hardwearing, cold-applied line marking application, and when applied correctly, and depending on traffic levels, will last up to and beyond 10 years.
  • Epoxy Resin: Used in a variety of locations, epoxy resin is an easy-to-apply line marking application that can be applied to most surfaces, and because of its rubber-like consistency, can be used where surfaces are uneven.

Specialist line-markings, Buckinghamshire

As well as road line markings, at City Road Markings we also install a range of specialist line markings for various businesses and organisations in and around Buckinghamshire.

Specialist line-markings include:

  • Carpark line markings

    However big or small your Buckinghamshire car park is, at City Road Markings we have the teams and resources to design and professionally install your car park line marking layout.

    We’ll start with a free site survey, then carefully work out the perfect design, ensuring we make the best use of the space available, whilst sticking to local regulations.

    With the designs completed, we’ll arrange an installation date around your schedule, and then install your car park line markings in the quickest time possible.

  • Warehouse line markings

    If you’re looking for a new line marking layout for your Buckinghamshire warehouse, we’ll get the project completed in three simple steps, which include:

    1. A free site survey: This is so one of our operatives can visit your Buckinghamshire warehouse, measure up and decide on the best line marking application.

    2. Design: During this stage, we’ll carefully design your line marking layout, making sure we fulfil three main criteria, including safety, efficiency and aesthetics.

    3. Installation: The installation of your warehouse line markings will be arranged around your schedule, and carried out with the least possible disruption.

  • Playground line markings

    If you’re looking to brighten up your Buckinghamshire playground, what better way than by installing a vibrant and imaginative playground line marking layout?

    Whether you’d like a traditional sports pitch layout, a selection of classic games, such as hopscotch or snakes and ladders, or something truly original, we’ll get it done.

    We’ll use the industry's hardest wearing line marking applications and arrange the installation of your playground markings, at a time that doesn’t interfere with the school day.

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