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Car park markings from planning to project completion throughout London

Specialist Car Park Markings across London

At City Road Markings, we have extensive experience creating car park lining for businesses of all sizes - no matter how large, small, multi-storey or complex the project, we have the solution for you.

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From our location in Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire, we have quick and easy access to all areas of London for all of your car park marking needs.

What are Car Park Markings?

Car park markings are floor markings designed to direct traffic around a car park as well as mark out bays for vehicles including disabled, parent and child and more.

Our car park markings solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need coloured line markings to emphasize disabled or parent and child parking bays to highlighting designated walkways, we can ensure that your car park is laid out in the best way possible to maximise space and efficiency.

Fully Qualified Team

Utilising specialist equipment, our fully qualified team members will help you to maximise your car park to achieve the greatest number of spaces as well as adhering to current legislation.

Car Park Markings London
Car Park Markings London 2

The Complete Car Park Markings Package

At City Road Markings, we offer the complete car park marking package from full review and planning process to project completion.

Using specialist equipment and materials such as thermoplastic, MMA and epoxy resin sprays, we can carry out full range of car park line marking services dependant on surface type and qualities.

Coloured Car Park Markings

Should you require mulitple colours, we also specialise in surface colourings in any colour needed which are ideal, designed spaces and pedestrian walkways.

Our team has experience across a number of different sectors including warehouses, supermarkets, retail parks, highways, local councils, aiports and much more.

New Layout or Refresh Old Car Park Markings

Over time and with regular use, car park line markings wear out and fade until they lose their function. At City Road Markings, we’re able to refresh and restore your old lines whether we laid the original lines or not.

Our skilled car park line installation experts can easily remove old lines and reinstall them in the original layout. Alternatively, we could redesign the layout to potentially increase the car parks capacity or just to give it a more pleasing overall appearance.

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How We Install Your Car Park Line Markings

To ensure your car park markings do the job they’re intended to do, i.e. maximise the available space, remain clear and legible for as long as possible, and give the car park a fresh new look, it’s important we carry out a series of steps designed to get the best possible result.

Step 1 – Planning

The planning stage of your car park line marking project, involves designing a layout that maximises the space, includes any pedestrian walkways, and spaces reserved for disabled drivers or for drivers with young children etc., all whilst keeping to strict regulations set out in the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974.

What are car park line marking regulations?

Car park line marking regulations are a set of rules designed to make every car park appropriate and safe for operation. Simply put, this means creating a line marking layout that:

• Minimalises the risk of injury or accident

• Keeps stationary vehicles away from moving traffic

• Provides a non-slip surface

• Provides segregation of pedestrian and traffic routes

Car Park Markings London 2
Car Park Line Markings London 3

Step 2 – Preparation

To prepare your car park, we’ll first make sure the area is clear of all debris, including stray tree branches, leaves, litter, stones and loose gravel or sand. To do this, we’ll use a variety of methods from a simple broom to a mechanical floor sweeper, or various other methods, including shot blasters and industrial vacuums, to create as clear a surface as possible to help ensure your new lines have the best chance possible of bonding to the substrate.

Step 3 – Installation

Once the area is prepared and dust and debris-free, the installation of your car park floor markings can be carried out. To do this, depending on the application, our experienced line marking experts will use specialist road-marking machines that accurately apply the paint in the correct quantities and measurements, with minimal overspill and within a quick timeframe.

Line marking applications

To install your car park line markings, we’ll utilise a variety of different applications, depending on factors, such as the car park surface, the line marking colour choice, and the expected levels of traffic. Applications include:

Thermoplastic – Thermoplastic is one of the most popular and commonly used car park line marking applications, due to its ability to be pre-formed, its available colour options, and its reflective qualities, especially when used in rural car parks when light is often limited.

MMA – MMA or Methyl Methcrylate is also a popular choice for car park line marking applications, largely down to it being a cold paint, making it easy to apply to most surfaces , and the fact that it can last up to and beyond 10 years, depending on traffic levels.

Epoxy resin – Epoxy resin, sometimes called 2 pack epoxy resin, is ideal for many car parks due to its hardwearing qualities, its resistance to oil and other chemicals, and for its ability to be installed successfully on concrete surfaces.

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