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Here at City Road Markings, we have been providing high-quality car park markings for businesses of all sizes throughout Bedfordshire for many years. From our location in Edlesborough, we are ideally located to reach all areas of the Bedfordshire county.

Depending on the specific requirements of your business, we will utilise traditional white and yellow car park markings with the option to lay surface colourings in any colour needed including designed spaces and pedestrian walkways.

Tailored Service

Our team can work around the clock and at weekends to minimise disruption. This ensures that any car park markings job we take on is completed on time and within your budget. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your car park marking project.

Car Park Markings Bedfordshire
Car Park Markings Bedfordshire 2

Professional Car Park Marking

From the planning stage right through to completion, we offer the complete car park marking package across the Bedfordshire area at competitive prices.

Free Site Survey

Following an initial site survey, we will advise on current legislation and help you maximise your car park to achieve the greatest number of spaces. Our fully qualified line marking team utilise specialist equipment and materials such as thermoplastic, MMA and epoxy resin spray designed to last.

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Contact a member of our car park marking team today to discuss the specific requirements of your business.

Why you need professional car park markings

Your Bedfordshire car park either plays a major part in your business by providing adequate and safe parking for customers or staff, or your car park is your main business, and you rely on it to bring in revenue.

Whatever the reason you own or manage a car park, it’s vital that it’s kept in good condition and provides its intended service. To do this, apart from a suitable road surface, good signage, and sufficient lighting, your car park needs professionally installed car park markings.

Car Park Markings Bedfordshire

At City Road Markings, we specialise in the layout design and installation of high-quality, long-lasting car park markings for all types of car parks, big and small, and our job is to ensure your car park markings fulfil three main roles, including:

Providing a good parking experience – As a car park owner or manager, you want to make sure users of your Bedfordshire car park have a smooth and trouble-free experience from the moment they enter your car park to the moment they leave.

By having a professionally installed line marking system, utilising modern line marking applications, such as thermoplastic or MMA, you give users to your car park.

• Clear navigational instructions, at all times.

• A maximum number of available spaces (within current regulations)

• Adequately sized spaces that allow for easy manoeuvring without the worry of damaging neighbouring vehicles.

Car Park Markings Bedfordshire 2
Car Park Line Markings Bedfordshire 3

Providing a safe parking experience – Safety is the number one concern of most responsible car park owners or managers, and one of the best methods of improving safety within your Bedfordshire car park, is with a well-designed line marking layout.

At City Road Markings, we ensure safety is central to the designs of all our car park line marking layouts. To achieve a high level of safety, we’ll first carefully assess your car park, to work out –

• The safest traffic flow – This will entail using hardwearing, expertly installed lines, arrows and graphics to instruct drivers on the safest and most efficient route around the car park, as soon as they enter and when they choose to leave.

• The safest pedestrian route – As well as instructing drivers, pedestrians, including drivers and passengers of vehicles, need a safe route in or out of the car park. To ensure pedestrian safety in your Bedfordshire car park, we’ll install strategically designed walkways (with or without graphics) that direct people to the safest and most convenient route, to and from their parked car.

Improving how your car park looks – There are various ways to improve the look of your Bedfordshire car park, including a well-maintained road surface, plenty of lighting, and good signage. But, one of the best ways to give your car park a smart and attractive appearance, is with the installation of a professional line marking layout.

With neat, easy-to-see spaces, adequate and safe walkways, as well as vibrant graphics to show allocated spaces, you turn a previously grey, drab area into an inviting car park, where drivers feel comfortable and reassured when parking.

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For more information on car park markings or any other line marking services for your Bedfordshire location, get in touch with City Road Markings today, to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors.

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